WELCOME to Eternal Joy MCC!

Believing in God's inclusive love, we are building a diverse community where the gifts of creativity and faith flourish. 

We encourage and support people in finding their spiritual path through prayer, study, worship, service and activism.

Because we appreciate our differences, in the worship experience together, we honor various faith traditions.

In the wider community, we strive to be bridge-builders creating a future where tolerance and love guide our daily lives.

Sunday worship 1:00 pm 

Pay Tithes or make a Donation to our church online, 
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Pastor Joy is performing gay weddings

You can be married 
at our church!

office: 937-254-2087

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Sunday, Aug. 2
1:00 come worship in your comfy, cool clothes

2:30 car-pool to
Eastwood MetroPark 
the Mad River shelter 
1385 Old Harshman Road


2382 Kennedy Avenue

in Dayton

Pastor Joy Simpson

Our building is handicap accessible.

We are not going out of business!  

You will see a "for sale" sign out front, but that's because we are following our calling to minister in the downtown.  Stay tuned!

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