Are You.....

 Looking for a church where you can be you? A church that welcomes those who have not been welcomed elsewhere?  A church that continues to grow into a community that serves all of God's people and their families straight and LGBT alike?

WELCOME to Eternal Joy MCC

Eternal Joy is a place where you can always feel welcome, a place where you never have to feel threatened, ashamed or afraid because of who you are. A place where experiencing God's loving acceptance for you will be a life-changing reality. 

We work to ensure that all people have a spiritual place to call home, transforming the darkness of hate into spiritual light with our brand of radical Christianity. We keep diversity and God's love for all people at the core of our community and our church.

So no matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, come and join us. Discover how radical Christianity supports and affirms all of God's people. Discover a church where God's light and love shines brightly on all people...every day!!

Eternal Joy MCC


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              What We Believe

- In one triune God, all powerful, all present, all knowing, of one substance and of three persons: God - our Parent-Creator; Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God, God in Flesh, human; and the Holy Spirit - God as our Sustainer.

- That the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, showing forth God to every person through the law and the prophets, and ultimately on Earth in the being of Jesus Christ.

- That Jesus...the Christ... is God incarnate, of human birth, fully God and fully human, and that by being one with God, Jesus has demonstrated that all people are Children of God, being spiritually made in God's image.

- That the Holy Spirit is God making known God's love to all people. The Holy Spirit is God, working through all who are in God's keeping.

- Every person is justified by grace to God through faith in Jesus Christ.

- We are saved from loneliness, despair and degradation through God's gift of grace, as was declared by our Savior. Such grace is not earned, but is a pure gift from a God of pure love, We further commend the community of the faithful to a life of prayer; to seek genuine forgiveness; and to a committed life of Christian service. Amen!



Eternal Joy MCC is located at 2382 Kennedy Avenue. Our building is handicap accessible.

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